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4 July 2019

Lesley & Chris

It’s been a Year of the Craic, as they used to say in my adopted village of Kilmihil, and it just keeps on getting better.

July kicks off with the wedding of Lesley and Chris at Fulford Pavilion, a location of which we here at McGee Photography Towers are especially fond. The chequered floor, the suggestions of vintage, the cinematic posters, the stairway, the garden: the staff are great too. Honestly – and this one goes out to you people at the back as well as the crazy animals here at the front – being a Wedding Photographer is an unparalleled HONOUR, and I can’t wait  to vindicate the trust put in us tomorrow and capture some crackling, elegant moments of reportage.

Cheers Lesley and Chris – or as they say back in Kilmihil (my adopted village, in case you didn’t know / didnae ken as they say in my other adopted village, Smailholm, in the Scottish Borders): Sláinte!

Here’s to you, your family, your crew, tickety boo, Scooby Doo. Boo!

These photos are going to sizzle with style. We all know.

Let’s talk soon, Wedding Photographer friends.

Greg McGee, 04/07/19


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