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14 April 2015

2015: Smashes, Thrashes & Hits!

When you give a camera to a group of creative men they’ll generally do one of three things (I’m painting in broad brush strokes here). They’ll go out and take photos of squirrels nibblin’ nuts; they’ll capture the majesty of Mother Nature with beautifully composed panoramas; or they’ll get dressed to kill, turn up at […]

10 August 2014

August: some summer, that.

UK summers always bring a turbulent surprise or two, but this one has been pretty much consistently sizzling. Steven and Gemma’s wedding 2 weeks ago was the hottest wedding we’ve ever done, and then there was Debbie and Dave’s, Melina and Felix’s, Alexandra and Tom’s, Steve and Gemma’s. Whether in York or not, each wedding […]

13 May 2014

May: a bit of rain and a whole lot of white hot weddings

Time’s winged chariot thunders on: and here we are, knee deep in blossom, with the list of weddings growing. Annie & Dave at Clitheroe, Linda & Paul in York, Chaim and Sharon in London: all elegant people, all delighted with the coverage the McGee Photography delivered. Plenty more to come, including coverage of a Prom […]

2 April 2014

April: the coolest month

After a glittering day last month covering the celebrations of Kim and Tony’s wedding (Skye – you make for a very stylish bridesmaid) here we are in April and readying to cover Natalie and Craig’s big day in Teesside. The church is booked (St Mary’s, Nunthorpe: cracking views), and the reception at Grinkle Park is […]

9 March 2014


2014 is shaping up nicely – not only have we got fertile feelings for just how clement this year is going to be, not only have over 25 discerning brides and grooms to be booked us for their big day, but Ben Bentley, our photographer in chief, has published his recent work with rock behemoths […]

6 January 2014

Winter Weddings

Midwinter saw a double whammy of glistering weddings. Lesley and Peter’s big day was at the rigorously beautiful Bridge Hotel & Spa, Walshford. It was a great time, Lesley and Peter were stunning, some wonderful guests, and some of the most succulently photogenic mince pies these photographers have ever seen. Cracking speeches too. The quotation from […]

8 October 2013

McGee Photography on vimeo

Admit it. Wedding videos can be somewhat laborious propositions, even if it means watching your own. Here at McGee Photography we have Ollie Bostock on board and he provides luminous, glowing nuggets of elegant adrenaline. In plain English, these are HOT. Have a look:

12 September 2013

McGee Photography: ReMastered.

After 10 years of wedding photography there’s nothing wrong with giving one’s own brand a facelift. More than that, to be fair. A re-launch is more like it. From ‘Greg McGee Photography’ to ‘McGee Photography’, here is a sparkier, wider reaching, more efficient photographic assassin than the previous eponymous incarnation. With well regarded reportage hotshot […]