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24 May 2016

Joseph Rowntree Prom 2016

We’ve been covering the Jo Ro prom since 2009, and it’s always a highlight of the early summer calendar. Organised by the perennially focused Ms Billinge, the event is annually held at Escrick’s Parsonage. Beautiful place, elegant and well behaved young people: what more could a photographer wish for? Young people of Joseph Rowntrees – […]

14 May 2016

2016: the Saga Continues

I’m in Kelso, Scotland. The sun is ripening, the breeze is balmy, and the blossoms are frothing at the tip of every branch: it must be wedding day for McGee Photography. Louise & Steven have chosen a fine day for it, and, dear reader, they’ve chosen a fine photographer too. I cannot WAIT to share […]