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14 April 2015

2015: Smashes, Thrashes & Hits!

When you give a camera to a group of creative men they’ll generally do one of three things (I’m painting in broad brush strokes here). They’ll go out and take photos of squirrels nibblin’ nuts; they’ll capture the majesty of Mother Nature with beautifully composed panoramas; or they’ll get dressed to kill, turn up at a wedding, and provide some of the most natural, hottest photos of some of the most beautiful brides and bridesmaids and some of the most cinematically handsome grooms and groomsmen in the civilised world. McGee Photography has spent 16 years taking care of the latter two options, sometimes integrating them in one commission, and are quite, quite proud of our increasing skills on that front. If you want to bring a squirrel to any one of the 30 weddings we’ve lined up this year, please do feel free. We’ll bring the nuts.

This month brings with it the bombast of 4 weddings, with 4 exquisitely photogenic brides: Laura in Middlesbrough, Rachael in York, Maria in Otley, and Sam in Pocklington. This, friends, is the best job in the world.

Let’s go.

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